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Sleeper (Sofa)

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A contemporary sofa bed that doesn’t compromise appearance or functionality. The Sleeper has a simple cantilever mechanism making it a snap to use.

The Sleeper is a contemporary sofa that easily converts into a single bed.

Conventional sofa-beds involve complex, heavy systems of springs and levers that require several motions or placements. The result is inadequate spring suspension and poor cushioning that compromises comfort in sleeping or sitting. What differentiates the Sleeper from other sofa-beds is that the fully supported foam seat and back change position in one smooth motion.

Visually, the Sleeper has uncompromised clean lines, balanced proportions, tailored details, and a low profile that fit in any environment. The unique mechanical hardware is buried with only a hint to its presence, leaving the aesthetic appearance uncompromised.

Technical Details

  • Frame: Metal frame with multi-density structural foam
  • Metal legs: Chrome or Black Nickel
  • Seat and backrest: Multi-density structural foam with Coil spring supported seat and backrest
  • Back cushion: Down feather cushion
  • Dress cover: Removable cover available

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