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Lean Feature

Lean is a full length mirror that floats atop a wooden base panel.  Available as a wide or narrow mirror in a variety of wood options.

Technical Details

Lean is a departure from the traditional picture frame mirror. It provides full-length visuals reflecting any image head to toe. It floats off the floor and rests gracefully against the wall at a 5-degree angle. The noticeable separation from the wall gives Lean grace and presence.

The Lean is simple in form, yet its appeal is in the details. The mirrored surface contrasts with the thick wood panel it is affixed to. The lip at the base of the frame that holds the mirror in place is the same depth as the glass, making for a sleek, seamless unified surface. Lean is available as a wide or narrow mirror in a variety of wood veneers.

Technical Details


  • Wood panel: Veneered wood panel with mirrored glass
  • Wood veneer: White Oak, Black Oak or Walnut

Frame Finishes

Line Drawings